“C” Programming Language: Brian Kernighan – Computerphile

"C" is one of the most widely used programming languages of all time. Prof Brian Kernighan wrote the book on "C", well, co-wrote it - on a visit to the University of Nottingham we asked him how it came about. 

Hello World (Assemblers, Considered Harmful?!) – Computerphile

Using Hello World to show how assemblers keep track of memory - but at the expense of two passes through the computer.

Fingerprint Recognition – Computerphile

Fingerprint scanners are everywhere, Dr Isaac Triguero talks about how your fingerprint can identify you.

Floating Point Numbers – Computerphile

Why can't floating point do money? It's a brilliant solution for speed of calculations in the computer, but how and why does moving the decimal point (well, in this case binary or radix point) help and how does it get currency so wrong?