The GitHub Arctic Code Vault is a data repository preserved in the Arctic World Archive (AWA), a very-long-term archival facility 250 meters deep in the permafrost of an Arctic mountain. The archive is located in a decommissioned coal mine in the Svalbard archipelago, closer to the North Pole than the Arctic Circle. GitHub will capture a snapshot of every active public repository on 02/02/2020 and preserve that data in the Arctic Code Vault.

Microsoft’s GitHub mulls expansion in China
Access to the world’s largest repository of open-source code is strategically important for China

GITHUB IS NOT a household name. But the American company, which is the world’s largest repository of open-source software, provides vital digital infrastructure on which much of the multibillion-dollar software business depends. So vital that Microsoft was happy to pay $7.5bn for the firm in 2018. The software giant’s boss, Satya Nadella, noted at the time that digital technology now pervades societies and economies, and that software developers are its architects. “GitHub”, he added, “is their home.”

More Chinese developers may soon find cosier shelter there. GitHub’s plans to expand in China have not been announced and are at an early stage. But public event listings show that the firm’s chief operating officer, Erica Brescia, has travelled to China repeatedly in recent months to meet Chinese coders. In mid-September she was in Shanghai, hosting GitHub’s first-ever event in mainland China. On December 2nd she co-hosted an event for developers in Shenzhen. On December 4th she co-hosted another in Beijing.
Sheng Wu, a software developer in Beijing who attended that event, says GitHub discussed the possibility of expanding its Chinese operations openly. Another attendee confirmed his account. There are other indicators. One GitHub employee, who asked to remain anonymous, said that GitHub Enterprise, the firm’s money-spinning product aimed at large companies, had recently passed a Chinese government standard called GB18030 that is a prerequisite for offering services in China. Microsoft does not publish GitHub’s financial information, but if the number of developers is a guide, China is its second-most-important market after America, and growing fast.

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